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When you purchase a challenge at Equalh, you receive:

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  • Participation in exciting tournaments where you can compete for incredible prizes.
  • Entry into exclusive sweepstakes associated with each challenge we offer.
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1. Read the rules and regulations.

It is extremely important to us that you agree to our rules and regulations when operating. Therefore, we ask you to read Equalh’s rules and regulations.

2. Buy the challenge that best suits you.

We offer you 2 types of challenges:

  • BOT (1 phase) you can use EA to overcome it.
  • Stark (two phases) 100% manual.
3. Install the Equalh tools.

At Equalh we operate with cTrader (leader in the industry), so we will provide you with a link to download the software and the credentials to access the platform.

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Our challenges

Two Paths, Multiple Rewards

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Exclusive platform for traders. We tailor challenges to your available capital, collaborate with an independent liquidity provider for transparency, and have operational standards in our terms and conditions. Our goal is to build a strong partnership and achieve profitability with you, the true trader.

The STARK Challenge consists of two stages, exclusively manual operations. Upon completion, a funded account is provided for future profits. The BOT Challenge allows the use of EA until passing the challenge. In the funded account, operations must be manual, without EA/HFT. Traders choose according to their preferences and trading style.

Challenges have no time limit. The STARK Challenge is completed in two stages with a total profit of 13% (8% in Stage 1 and 5% in Stage 2), with a minimum of 7 days of trading. The BOT Challenge, a single stage, requires an 8% profit in a minimum of 1 day, including the day of account acquisition.

Using EA is only allowed to overcome The BOT Challenge; afterward, its use for the funded stage is PROHIBITED. We emphasize continuous education and professionalism, believing that relying on bots can hinder independent trading learning.