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It verifies the profitability of strategies and facilitates investment risk management.

About the program

Would you like to access third-party capital to expand your operations and increase your profits?

Then our trader financing program is for you! Learn more about the advantages and benefits of EqualhPRO:

Growth opportunities:

Demonstrate your ability as a trader and gain access to larger sums of capital in the future.


Access REAL capital to operate in the financial markets.

Professional support:

Access personalized advice from our team of trading experts and psychologist.

No risk for Investors:

Contract between the parties, where the collateral (drawdown) of the trader’s strategy will be evaluated to protect the investor’s capital.

How to start

How much time do I need to become a PRO trader?

We offer two flexible paths to help you achieve this great goal. Both paths are designed to help you become a professional trader in the shortest possible time, with the support and flexibility you need to maximize your earnings and grow your career.

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