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We understand the needs of investors and offer a unique opportunity to increase your capital in a safe and profitable way.

Why do investors choose us?

Our story did not start as a Prop Firm, we started as an investment fund.

At Equalh, we are building more than a trading company; we are weaving a web of trust and security for our investors.

Sowing Confidence since 2015

Since our modest beginnings in 2015, Equalh has been a project driven by trust. Visionary investors joined our cause, believing in our ability to transform the trading world. With each step, we have grown and evolved, always committed to improving the experience of our clients and investors.

The Challenge of Responsible Trading

However, with growth came challenges. We realized that, although we had access to capital, finding truly profitable traders was a challenge. In a world where everyone claims to be an expert, differentiating between real skill and empty promise is crucial. Thus the idea for EqualhPRO was born: a place where professional traders, with years of experience and proven results, could manage capital efficiently and safely.

Protecting Capital, Cultivating Confidence

At Equalh, investor capital protection is paramount. Every investor trusts us to safeguard their funds and grow their wealth. That is why we establish rigorous contracts that protect against potential losses, thus ensuring a solid and lasting relationship of trust.

A Commitment to Service and Safety

Our commitment goes beyond just making money. We want to provide our investors with comfort, security and peace of mind. That’s why we offer them flexibility in withdrawing dividends, with secure and global options to access their money when they need it.

Trading for investors

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Every step we take is a step toward a stronger and more sustainable financial future for everyone involved.